What’s The Paleo Diet About? – And Why It Is Good For You!

Hello Derek Here again. I thought it was time to tell you what’s the paleo diet about. I will discuss not just what it means to me, but also what others have told me it means to themcaveman

What’s The Paleo Diet?

To most people going paleo means only eating naturally occurring foods and not man made ones. It also means eating foods that our caveman ancestors had access to, as far as we know anyway.

What we are sure about is our caveman ancestors ate meat and fish. We also know that these were natural as there weren’t the pesticides on the land or in the sea. So there were eating fish and meat from animals that were feeding on natural products only. They also ate nuts berries and greens that occurred naturally at that time.

What’s the paleo diet exactly? Living naturally on foods that occur naturally in our environment. Of course our stone-age counterparts did get a lot of exercise as there were no vehicles available to them. The exercise they carried out was walking, running (when chasing prey), and throwing their spears, or anything else they could, to kill their prey.

The paleo diet is literally anything that our caveman predecessors could eat. Things that are farmed are part of a modern revolution. They are not things that our bodies can cope with easily. Yes with some of us our bodies do appear to cope with farmed goods, but I am sure you have heard of wheat intolerance and gluten intolerance. This is because when man evolved these foods were not available and so our bodies did not have to contend with wheat and gluten.

Paleo Diet Guidelines

Generally speaking you can eat any naturally occurring food.

Here are some paleo diet guidelines. You can eat:

Meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs and some oils and fats.

You should not eat:

Grains (all), rice, pasta, beans & legumes and of course any products made with these foods. Most dairy products, the exception being butter (from grass fed cattle) and ghee.

You may think I can’t do without milk and flour. How am I going to survive? The answer is quite simple really. Substitute almond milk, coconut milk or hazelnut milk. You can do the same with flour. It can be made from almond or coconut.

Vegetable oils are not made from vegetables at all and so come under the guise of processed foods and so are not allowed on the Paleo diet. Instead, use olive oil, duck fat and lard. There are other fats you can use as well.

Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners are not considered to be Paleo and should be avoided. Try using honey or Stevia leaf as a substitute.

Eat Paleo Diet

There is no one correct way to approach the paleo diet. You can eat paleo diet for several reasons, but if you are using it as a weight loss diet then you will need to do some exercise as well.paleo resturant

We need to realize our body was not designed to consume any of the toxins that we find ourselves ingesting with a modern non-paleo diet, nor was it designed to ingest all the preservatives we find in processed foods.

Go into any mall these days and you will find an aisle of free from foods. This is because some peoples digestive system cannot handle some or even all the modern food we supply it with.

We have to be prepared to have a complete change to the way we eat and also what we eat if we are going to be truly paleo. If you like cooking and have a good taste, then you can certainly experiment with the available foods to come up with new tasty and innovative meal plans. Eating Paleo can not harm you as long as you eat plenty of protein and also plenty of fruit and vegetables. What you will find is you will naturally be eating less sugar and fewer carbohydrates. This will help you to have a more trim figure.

As the paleo way of life becomes more common, then more and more people will be developing new and tasty recipes. Most spices and herbs are allowed on the paleo diet so there is no end of new combinations that can be tried.

What Can I Do?

If you are one of the unlucky people who already has a food intolerance of one type or another then I respectfully suggest you take a serious look at the paleo diet. You may be pleasantly surprised at the effect it can have on you. I have friends who are lactose and gluten intolerant. By following a paleo diet you can automatically avoid these toxins.

There are many foods that you can eat while following even the strictest of paleo diets and there are many recipes to help you along the way. It is surprising how you can substitute things like rice and spaghetti and start eating much healthier foods. You can even find substitutes for bread, but there are also many tasty paleo breads available.

If you are not following a strict paleo diet, you can substitute pastry with sweet potato in savory dishes. You can of course make a pastry case with either almond flour or coconut flour, but just remember you are going to have an almond or coconut taste. This needs to be taken into consideration and the correct flour should be used to give the taste you are looking for.

What next?

Like any other diet, the Paleo diet can be adjusted to suit your own lifestyle. Some people have butter, while others have sweet potato as part of their diet. I certainly wouldn’t recommend sweet potato if you are also trying to lose weight. Like any diet it can only be as successful as you allow it to be. It is no good cheating on your foods and claiming it is the fault of the diet you are following. I hope this has given you an insight into what the paleo diet is all about!

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