What Does Paleo Diet Do For You?

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What are your Goals?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want a healthier lifestyle?

Do you want both of these and more?

What does paleo diet do for you?

The Paleo diet can help you with all of these goals and more.

Strict Paleo

By eating the foods that our bodies were designed to make use of, we will be eating a healthy diet.

If you stick to the strict Paleo diet you will find your weight loss will be quicker than with the relaxed Paleo diet. If we stay with the strict diet for now we can see what is happening to our bodies.

We need to portion our food between proteins, carbohydrates and fats. How many of each will depend on whether you know your body metabolic type or not. If you don’t know or are unsure of your body type then I would suggest you go for an equal portion of all types of fodds until you check your own typing.

Checking your typing is relatively easy. Just google metabolic body typing test and you will have a page of tests available through different sites. Your body typing determines how much of each of prtein,carbohydrates and fats you should eat.

If you want to do a more thorough test then there are clinics where you can do the tests required. Currently in the UK the test costing is from £150 – £200 and lasts about an hour. Testing facilities for this are more common in the USA.

As a general guide the precentages of each food group you should eat are:

  1. Protein type           – 50% protein – 30% fats – 20% carbohydrates
  2. Mixed type             – 33% protein – 33% fats – 33% carbohydrates
  3. Carbohydrate type – 20% protein – 10% fats – 70% carbohydrates

When you know what your body metabolic type is then you should know what percentace of fat, protien and carbohydrates
you should be eating. I know I am a protein body type and therefore I should have about 50% protein 30% fat and 20%

Once you have your metabolic body type you can plan your meals a lot more effectively. While you can use any of the paleo meals that are available both online and ones you invent for yourself you can see that you may have to change the proportions of each food group to help you get to peak fitness much quicker.

There are some foods that are paleo but will hinder your weight loss if you eat too much of them.

These are primarily fruits. This is because of the high sucrose in them. While it is good to eat fruit from a health point of view it is not always so good if you are trying to lose weight. One piece of fruit a day should be your  limit if you are trying to lose weight.

Less Strict Paleo

One of the foods that is on the more relaxed food list is sweet poatoes. Sweet potatoes are much lower in calories 
than ordinary potatoes. While on a strict paleo diet the sweet potato is not allowed, there are reasons why it is
good for you. Sweet potatoes can help in weight loss! This is because they are high in dietry fibre and water, and 
low in calories. These 3 things make them a good food to eat if you are trying to lose weight. Sweet potatoes are 
aproximately 1/4 to 1/5 the calories of white potatoes per portion. It is best if you eat the skin as well.

Because they are high in fiber and water they take up more room in your stomach. This makes you feel full quicker 
and you are less likely to overeat.

Many of the high fiber foods are not allowed on the paleo diet, so we need to get fiber where we can. A lot of our fiber we were eating everyday came from bread, oats and beans, things we are not allowed on the paleo diet.

Extras To Have If You Are Not Dairy Intollerant

If you are not lactose or dairy intolerant then you can have milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products from grass fed cattle.

Many people thrive on dairy products but be aware the products you buy should only be from grass fed cattle. As a diabetic I would always advise you to have the full fat version of dairy products.  Many companies remove the fat and substitute it with sugars or sweeteners, and when you read the paragraphs below you will realise we need those fats anyway.

Fats, Protein & Carbohydrates

What foods are classed as fats?

You may have learned by now that not all fats cause humans to gain fat. As the body is designed to run on fat as a source of its energy this fat needs to be replaced as it is used.

We should be eating coconut oil which at 92% saturated fat which makes it really stable under heat conditions and a solid when cold. It may leave a subtle coconut smell and taste to foods cooked in it but most people find this adds to the overall taste of the meal.

Butter & ghee are very good if you are dairy tollerant, although ghee may be ok for you even if you don’t have other forms of dairy. Ghee is generally ok as all the milk constituants have been removed. 

Animal fats (beef, pork, duck) are all good for us. As is olive oil and avocado’s and avocado oil.

We can get our protein from fish, meat and eggs among others.

Our carbohydrates come from vegetables and fruit.


We are currently eating many things that our digestive system was not designed to handle. It takes thousands of  years for our bodies to adapt to new foods and we don’t at this point really understand some of the damage that  can be done.

Trans fats for example have only been around 50 or so years. There is no way our bodies can take these and make  any use of them.

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