What Can Paleo Do For You?

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What can paleo do for you?

Are you using Paleo? Do you suffer from IBS, Diabetes, Colitus. If so read on.

Ease Your Symptoms Now!

Did you know that the paleo diet can help with the relief of the symptoms for these problems. In some cases it has been known to reverse Diabetes type 2. 

I can only talk from personal experience. I have suffered from type 2 diabetes for 15 years. My medications have slowly been increasing right up until the time I started on the paleo diet. My blood sugars were constantly in the high 8’s and the 9’s.

Since being on Paleo my blood sugars have slowly been decreasing. Now I get fasting readings in the 5’s and low 6’s. There are days when I have to take action because my blood sugars are going into the low 3’s during the late afternoon. So I end up having to have a snack before my dinner.

Have I done anything else to cause this change? 

No just my diet has changed for the better. I am no longer taking any medication for my IBS and rarely suffer from any of the symptoms. I still take the same medications for my diabetes but my doctor is keeping a close eye on what is happening to my blood sugars.

I don’t suffer from colitus but I have read accounts of others who have got relief from their symptoms. I have no reason to disbelieve these reports as I have seen the changes my health has undergone with regards to Diabetes and IBS.

I am sure there are other intestinal problems that would be helped by following the paleo diet. 

Keeping Symptoms In Check

I need to keep following the paleo diet to keep my blood sugars under control! You can get the same results as me!

I keep to the paleo diet as much as I possibly can. Sometimes I have to “cheat” because there are not the eating establishments in the UK to allow me to stick rigidly to my dietary needs. Even when I have to eat foods that I wouldn’t normally eat I still manage to keep my blood sugars under control.

Because I am eating natural foods on the paleo diet, and also foods that my body was designed to be able to handle, I am getting the most that I can from my foods. As we were designed to eat these foods our bodies can handle them a lot better than they can deal with some processed foods. These foods are better for us so it is time to change to the Paleo diet

Living Life To The Full Again

With my IBS I tended not to travel to far from home as I would never know when I would be stuck down by the pain and urgent need to use the toilet. Yes, it can be quite debilitating. Now I can all but ignore it, and it is getting better all the time.

If you suffer then instead of putting off doing something about it, start the paleo diet. It certainly can’t do you any harm and should do you a lot of good

In Conclusion

For me the paleo diet has proved to be a way to get back to a normal type of life without having to worry about where the next toilet would be found.  My blood sugars are far better than they have been for 14 years or more.

The Paleo Diet can help you as well.

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