The Paleo Way


The paleo way, right or wrong?

Why am I sticking with the paleo Diet?

Is the paleo diet good for me?

Has it changed my life?

Why I Am Sticking To The Paleo Diet!

Before I started the paleo diet my blood sugars were all over the place! My readings could be anywhere from 8.0 to 20.0mml/L (174 to 360mg/dL). Yes not a very good place to be at anytime.

Having had my medications increased by my physician I decided it was time I also helped in the battle with type 2 diabetes.

I kept reading about the amount of harm that was being done by the carbohydrates I was ingesting, as they were turning into sugars when the body processed them. The same happens with everyone but not everyone has the blood sugar problems that affects diabetics. I had heard of the paleo diet before and thought about what they were telling me not to eat and also what foods they were saying I should eat.

paleo foodAs I have said previously I have also looked at my metabolic body typing which is firmly in the protein bracket. As the paleo diet is heavily based on proteins and I love proteins for me it was an easy decision. I cut out potatoes all wheat and wheat products as well as barley, oats and maize. No more pasta or rice for me either.

It is surprising what difference you can make by just changing what you eat. When I started I didn’t realize there were so many flavors available.

Herbs and spices can make a fantastic difference to the foods we eat. Spicy food doesn’t have to be hot! Cut down on the chilies and use the herbs and spices to give you a new taste sensation. Meat and fish dishes can be turned into something wonderful with the additions of herbs, spices and vegetables.

I have found substitutes for fries, pasta, rice and white potatoes. I make a paleo bread and treats so I know exactly what goes in them and how good they are for me. I eat dark chocolate, (at least 70% cocoa), which I prefer to the milk chocolate anyway.

Do I miss some of the foods I used to eat? Of course I do, but not as much as I used to. As I have learned new cooking skills I have learned new flavors and so I am training my taste buds to like some new flavors.

Is The Paleo Diet Good For Me

Going paleo can be awkward when you visit friends or relatives. It can be even more awkward in the UK when it comes to eating out. Restaurant and cafe owners in the UK seem oblivious to the paleo diet. But I am persevering and generally sticking to the diet.

I do have the odd occasion when I eat out and I have to compromise but that is becoming rarer as I work out what I can eat.

I am eating protein in the way of meat, fish and eggs. I am eating copious amounts of vegetables, nuts and fruit. This last one is a sticking point for my weight loss which is much slower than I would like but that is mainly due to the amount of fruit I am eating.

good for me

I do like experimenting in the kitchen and so I find more tastes and flavors that work together. I find ways to spice up vegetables to make them more interesting and also to give me a far larger range of foods than I used to have. It is surprising how much difference a little bit of flavor can make to some dishes.

With all the new taste sensations I am getting, through developing new eating habits and in some cases new foods, I am enjoying life again. I am feeling better than I have felt for many years. Even my tiredness is waning and this is allowing me to do more things than other people of my age.

No longer do I have food going into my body that it wasn’t designed to process! Everything I am eating is fresh, no more processed foods. The only processing is that which I do in my preparation of my meals, and that is done with paleo ingredients. My bread, cakes, snacks and meals are all wholesome and paleo listed foods.

My Results

I feel much less tired and more active. OK I am in my mid 70s so for me active is a gentle walk without getting out of breath.

blood testSomething I couldn’t do before. I am loosing inches around the waist but not loosing weight to any great amount so the fat must be turning to muscle which of course is more dense and heavier than the equivalent fat mass. I do feel more trim although I am still overweight. My energy levels have improved and I don’t tire so easily and spend more time with my partner enjoying life again.

What about my blood sugars? they are now generally in the range of 4.5 to 6.9mml/L (81 to 124.2mg/dL) so I am still working on them. I won’t be satisfied until they are always below 6mml/L (108mg/dL). My ultimate aim is to get them down below diabetic level, although I will have to keep to the diet to keep them there.


For me the Paleo Diet has proved its worth. Yes I pay out more for my food especially the bread I make, (all paleo allowed foods), which to me is more like a savory cake than bread but it does taste nice when I make a sandwich with it. So to my questions in the introduction the answers are, right, because it works for me, yes and yes.

For me the paleo diet has been a life saver. I am sure it has saved me from going into a diabetes downturn. My diabetes is under better control now than it has been in the 13 or so years I have had it. There is no way I am going back to my old eating habits.

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  1. Very interesting post! Thanks for this.

    The Paleo diet isn’t something I’ve ever tried but I do enjoy tweaking my diet and experimenting with different things. I may give this a shot in the near future.

    Have you tried the ketogenic diet? That’s one I’ve done and found that after a few days of pain and suffering my results (in all areas of life) sky-rocketed! I also learned that it’s amazing how quickly the body adapts to such changes.

    • Thanks for your comments Stephen. I have looked at many diets over the years including Keto. I will carry on with paleo while it is working for me.


  2. Great Post! This was particularly interesting because I went the other way! I am now testing the plant based diet which is crazy because I never would have thought it in a thousand years! I was a bit too extreme with my diets which is why it wasn’t sustainable for me. The no carb diet was very hard even though the meat quantity went up (which seemed great at the time). Then I visit the doc and she says diet change or metaphormin.

    So I quit the red meat, but stuck with white meat but no dice for me. Things really started to change for me when I quit meat and dairy. I think the paleo diet makes sense for a lot of people because that’s how precious generations did it and it worked for them. For me though I will stick with this and see what the results are. Good luck with your paleo diet!

    • Unfortunately a lot of doctors don’t check body metabolism type and so if you find a diet that works for you that is good. I would say if your body metabolism type was checked you would turn out to be someone who thrives on carbs more than protein.


  3. it’s good to know the paleo diet is working for you. I have heard a lot about the paleo diet and the wonders it is doing for a lot of people. Although I have not tried it but from it’s recommmendations I see that it is really good. It does involve a lot of proteins. Maybe there is a reason for that. It is really a diet that has done a lot of wonders 

    • I think the diet includes a lot of carbs. The reason I eat a lot of proteins is because of my body metabolism type. I am trying to eat what my body copes with best.


  4. Hi Derek, I have been a Type 2 diabetic for over 20 years now, and a chef for 40 years, I was also going to be a diabetic at one time so I’m familiar with this type of diet. I remember when it first became popular. I don’t agree with eating so much meat it’s not good for the kidney’s especially if your diabetic. I do commend you for eating a lot of vegetable but your body does need at least a small amount of carbs. Not all carbs are bad for you. Did you know that carbs used in the right amounts actually give you energy, they go to your muscles and give them something to urn off. Proteins are good for building muscle but carbs give you the energy. All type 2 diabetics try to keep their A1c level low but it’s almost impossible to keep it there forever it’s going to fluctuate. Diabetes is an uncurbable disease but if this diet works for you on a long term basis I guess go for it.

    • In some cases diabetes has been reversed by following a good diet. I don’t understand where you get the information of eating so much meat. That is not what the paleo diet is. I eat a lot of vegetables but I exclude things like potatoes.

      The digestive system in our bodies does extract some carbs from the protiens we eat when they are broken down. The reason I eat quite a lot od meat is because of my body metabolism typing.


  5. Well done on starting and continuing with your Paleo diet. It is interesting that it can consist of meat and/or plant based foods. My understanding is that as long as the food is wholesome, it can be included. I am sure that you are also getting other health related benefits as well as helping your diabetes which are added pluses. 

    Does this type of diet have any limits on the amount of allowed food stuffs per day? 

    I saw somewhere that meats are allowed, but dairy products are not. What to do if you like beef? Is it allowed or not in the Paleo diet?  

    • All meat and most fish are Paleo foods. Beef can be eaten but milk should not be used becaust of the lactose. If you find you are lactose tollerant then there is nothing against dairy products.


  6. Hi Derek,

    I have  heard of the Paleo Diet before, but never tried it. It seems to be working for you.  I don’t know about you but no more bread, potatoes or pasta, is almost like stopping drinking water to me…It must have been very hard when you first started.

    Being a Type 2 diabetes myself, I have been relying on medication to keep my blood sugars under 6.0.

    However I see that the figures you show are about the same.  Does this mean that you are just relying on the diet and take no medication?  If so, I might take you up on this and see how low this diet could bring my blood sugar levels…

    Thank you for the informative article – Bookmarked for future reference!

    • I am taking tablets as well as watching my diet. I hope to eventually cut down if not stop the tablets by diet alone.

      There are many substitutes you can use for potatos and pasta. There are some paleo breads that you can make yourself. I liked the change of diet.


  7. Hey Derek, interesting article about the Paleo diet which I know almost nothing about. I do agree that almostall processed foods wreak havoc on the human body.

    It’s also interesting to note that when you started the diet your blood sugars were all over the place and nowthey are much more consistent, that lends to the old saying, ‘let food be thy medicine.’  I have never formallyfollowed a diet and have never had any “diseases” like type 2 diabetes, I would contribute to my being in theconstruction trades.

    I can totally relate to feeling awkward when visiting friends and family when it comes to occasions that relateto food, like holidays, etc. Debbie and I ran across a site called nutritionfacts and have been eating a whole-food plant-based diet for the past year. We have lost our taste for processed foods, sugars, etc. andhave enjoyed the benefits.

    It’s good to learn that your commitment to the Paleo diet has given you increased energy and I’m sure a muchwelcomed pep to your step. I’m a firm believer in results and it’s nice to know I can point folks in your directionwhen I’m asked about the Paleo diet. I look forward to checking back to see your results with the Paleo diet.

    Eric & Debbie

    • Thank you for your comments. We all need to eat what suits us. It is good to hear you have changed yur diet for the better.


  8. I have heard of the ketogenic diet and now the paleo diet. From what I’ve learned, both are mainly protein based diets. Science tells us that protein is the building block of the body. That means that my muscles, cells and so forth are built up by protein.

    Carbs on the other hand, provides the fuel that we need from day to day. Putting the two together, I conclude that while one builds up, the other provides what is need for fuel and sustenance. If I should liken that to a vehicle, protein would be the metals that form the vehicle while carbohydrates would be the petrol. Each has a separate function and therefore each is needful.

    Am glad to hear that you have seen improvement with this diet. I have learned though, that a balanced diet, with the exclusion of that which is harmful, proves more beneficial in the long run.

    • Paleo is by no means a protein based diet. I eat many vegetable and a lot of fruit in my diet. There is a popular misconception that it is a protein based diet.

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