Spiralizer Review

Spiralizer Review


Spiralizers come mainly in 4 forms ranging from handheld, vertical, horizontal and electric models. The choice is yours, but for this review, I have picked the 5 – blade spiralizer. This is a horizontal model.

The 5 blade spiralizer allows to easily make strips from vegetables. It has 5 blades allowing 5 different widths of noodles. It saves a lot of time as opposed to trying to cut thin strips of vegetables with a knife.

Benefits Of The Product

If you are following any of the diets that use vegetables and especially if you are using vegetables in place of things like pasta, this spiralizer allows you to make spaghetti like strips from vegetables. As I am following the paleo diet I find it extremely useful in making zucchini type spaghetti.

How To Use The Product

My horizontal model fixes to the kitchen worktop with suction cups. I press down firmly to make it stick to the work surface.  The fruit or vegetable is placed in position and I then turn the handle while applying even pressure towards the cutters.

I am in my mid 70’s and I have no problem with operating the spiralizer.

Product Description & FeaturesSpiralizer

Price: $24.99 USA or £19.95 UK

Where from: Amazon

Spiralizer 5 – Blade Spiral Slicer

5 Cutting blades for different sizes of food

Who Is The Product For

Specifically for those who wish to use vegetables in place of pasta. Vegetarians, vegans, Paleo diet followers, healthy diet followers, but of course anyone who wants to spiralize their vegetables for any reason at all.

What I like About The Product

I found it quite easy to use and easy to clean.

Blades are easy to change

What I Don’t Like About The Product

You do get a few cms of the vegetable that does not spiralize.

Takes up some storage space

Cheap plastic feel

Final Thoughts

Summary of product and marks 8/10

There are several comments on Amazon (3%) about the suction cups not working. I found no trouble with this aspect of the spiralizer.

I use the spiralizer on a regular basis. I have found it plenty sturdy enough for all the veg and fruit I use.

I feel it does the job and is good value for the money paid.

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