Review of The Paleo Solution

This is a book by Robb Wolf a research biochemist who became a strength and condition coach. The subtitle of the book is The Original Human Diet. The book has a foreword by Professor Loren Cordain PhD who is the world’s foremost authority on the evolutionary basis of diet and disease.
This is by no means a light read with some 336 pages including the references and index. The page size is larger than the paperback novels you may find in bookstores. It is probably well over 1.5 times the normal page size for novels.

As you may suspect, because Robb was a research biochemist, there are a lot of medical explanations about the effects of different foods on the body. Some people may find this overwhelming, but I found it a help in knowing why I needed to avoid some foods and take more of others.

There are many references to different studies that have been carried out by professional bodies. These references are listed in the back of the book with the dates and a list of those involved in the studies.

Chapter One tells the story of what set Robb onto the paleo trail. Where conventional medicines seemed to be ineffective, he found a far more simple cure to his and his family’s ills. You may say what has this got to do with anything. Well, in my opinion, it has everything to do with why the diet was developed. Where conventional medicine failed, the use of diet prevailed.

There is a certain amount of humor interspersed with the serious side of the reason the diet was developed. This humor shows itself throughout the book and in my opinion adds to the book.

Chapters two to eight inclusive tells us of the different reasons why we should or shouldn’t eat certain foods. It also blows the lid on certain things that you have been led to believe are bad for you when they are in fact a necessity in moderation. Robb goes through each of these chapters with a thoroughness that could be described as OCD in some respects.

I found these chapters very enlightening as my understanding of the human digestive system was, you put it in one end and some of it comes out the other end. The bit that stays in is used by the body in various ways to accomplish our being alive. The difference between protein and carbohydrate for me is essential knowledge as it helps me control my diabetes.

You may not be that interested in these chapters but I would suggest you read chapter nine quite thoroughly as this goes through a fitness regime that will help you especially if you are looking to lose weight along with changing your lifestyle. To me this chapter is almost as important as the chapters on the diet itself!

Chapters ten to twelve talk about the diet itself. What you need to do to implement the diet and how to go about it. Robb covers how you go about tracking your progress, so you know it is working for you. There is also a 4 weeks of meal plans to help you on your way, and oh yes there are recipes of many of the meals mentioned.

Robb also goes through the supplements we need, how much of each we need and where to source the supplements our bodies need for optimum performance.

I found this book to be an extremely good read which was very informative.

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