Product Review

The Paleo Solution By Robb Wolf.

This book is subtitled ‘The Original Human Diet’. To me quite a clever play on words for the advertising. There can be no argument about it being the original because this is what was eaten during the palaeolithic age.

It tells you how to transform your life in 30 days, lose weight, get fit and reverse disease.

Robb goes into a lot of detail into why some foods are bad for you and some are good. This may be a little too much detail for some people to take in, but I found it very interesting.

It gave me a completely different outlook on food and food groups, what I should be eating and why I should be eating it.

I found the Paleo Solution was written with a little humour and a lot of serious and in some cases little-known facts.

There is a reasonable section on the fitness angle of paleo. We all know for diets to work at their maximum capacity there is going to be some exercise involved. The exercise is worked on a 9-day rota

There are four full weeks of menu plans for you to follow or mix and match as you wish. There are recipes for all those meals that are not obvious.

The final section of the book deals with supplements, including what you need and why you need it.

In conclusion: I have learned a lot from reading this book and would recommend it to everyone.

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