Paleo Diet Meal Planner

Hello, Derek here again with some more paleo information. I hope you are enjoying reading, and acting on, these snippets of information.

1. Sample Paleo Diet Meal Plan

There is no one correct Paleo diet meal plan. The plans need to be adapted to your or your family’s needs. Look at the list of foods that are allowed and decide which foods you are going to eat. When starting out with the paleo diet meal plan I recommend that you start off with the foods you know that you like to eat, and that are considered to be Paleo.

Once you get used to the diet plans then you can introduce those foods you have never tried before. You never know you might find new favorite food that you never knew existed, or, you were wary of trying before. As some foods are an acquired taste you may not find them to be acceptable to you on your first trying of them. Unless you feel physically ill when you eat them I suggest you grilled chickentry them for a second, or even third time to see if you change your mind, or your taste buds taste them differently. Possibly you need to add some herbs or spices to make them palatable

Some common replacements like using cauliflower rice can be adapted and added to other menus.

So a sample menu could consist of a breakfast of bacon & eggs, a lunch of chunky vegetable soup, and a dinner of grilled chicken and cauliflower rice with vegetables. Snacks can also be eaten when the hunger pangs strike. Just make sure they are paleo.

Another day you may like to have an omelet for breakfast, a fish based salad for lunch and steak for dinner, or perhaps a homemade muesli for breakfast, a fruit salad for lunch and a tuna steak for dinner.

The possibilities are endless, and think of the fun you can have making and perfecting new meals

2. How Do I Make My Own Paleo Diet Meal Plans

When you have decided which foods you like, or more importantly which foods you do not like and don’t want to eat again, then you can start to think about making your own paleo diet meal plans.

Your plans should take into consideration the proteins and the carbs. You need to have as large a mix of foods as possible. Dependent on your own body metabolism type you can have as many proteins or carbohydrates as your body will allow.

You can start experimenting with herbs and spices to change the flavors of the foods.

The only foods I find impossible to eat are those where it is the texture in my mouth and not the taste that upsets me. The flavor of foods can be altered by the addition of herbs and spices. As the majority of herbs and spices are paleo you can experiment to your hearts delight with your favorite flavorings.

There is no reason at all why you cannot develop new tastes and flavors to share with others or even write your own paleo cookbook when you have enough of your own recipes.

3. Why do I need a Paleo Diet Meal Plan

If you don’t have a paleo diet meal plan than you are going to find it hard to eat a balanced diet. As with all types of diet you need to take your own body type metabolism into consideration.

I know I have a protein body metabolism so my body accepts protein foods for digestion easier than it does any carbohydrate foods. Therefore, my paleo diet meal plan will be built around that information. I will make at least 50% of my meal consists of proteins. I will then make the rest up with fats and carbohydrates. This is only an example and takes into consideration my body metabolic type.
Having said this you still need to make sure you have balanced meals, but you are going to be eating those items that your body can deal with in the most efficient way. Just remember that it is not fats that make you fat, but the carbohydrates that turn into sugar during the digestive process. These sugars are what are making you fat! Again it does not have to be a sugar rich food for this to happen.

You know your own body better than anybody else and so you are the best person to decide what and when you eat. If you are doing a plan for the whole family then you will have to take everybody’s needs into consideration.

4. In the Long Term

As you get more used to your paleo lifestyle so you will find it more natural to work with the foods you are allowed to eat. You may even want to try some of those foods that are questionable when

toxic plate
concept: genfood – bio warning sign on a plate

it comes to whether they are paleo or not. The true paleoist will not agree with this, but you must decide whether your body can handle these foods without gaining weight.

The longer your new lifestyle goes on the better you will feel. As the toxins you have been ingesting over the years are forced out so new life is breathed into you and your organs.

We will now be eating the foods our bodies were designed to eat and not something that has been made by man that could have toxins that harm our body. Don’t thank me now, but come back and thank me when you are feeling good and when you also have a paleo lifestyle

When Does It End?

The proper answer to this is never.

Once you start on the paleo pathway then you need to stay on it unless you want to go back to your old way of living. Paleo is not a fad diet! Paleo is not a yo-yo diet. Paleo is a life changing way to live. When you start feeling the benefits of the paleo diet you will never want to go back to the old way.

Yes we have progressed in many ways, but have we in our food chain progressed far too quickly for our bodies to adapt?

While man has developed from walking on all fours has his digestive system developed in the same way, or, is it still expecting to digest the foods that have always been available to man?






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  1. Joly catucod

    Do this kind of diet is effective? I love sweets, pizza,burgers, and even heavy meals,so do you think this kind of diet plan will work to lower my weights. What’s your best suggestions

    1. admin

      Yes! I do think it is effective. It would certainly help in your weight loss

  2. Michael

    Cheers! I actually work in a restaurant that is very health conscious. It is full of people with different cultures and diets. This sheds light on some things that I was curious about because I have considered this diet. Currently I am a vegetarian/pescatarian so diet is a big part of my life. Thank you for this enlightenment!

  3. Lee Ann

    Thank you for this information. I have thought about trying the paleo diet, but I haven’t seemed to find a site with meal plans that start you off with ordinary meals people already eat, that are paleo. Meat and potatoes kind of meals but yet offer paleo alternatives .
    I tried a Fat Bomb that is paleo and it had no flavor what so ever. I am assuming I didn’t get the ingredient right.
    Do you have recipes yourself that you would suggest?

    1. Derek

      I will be putting some recipes on the website as time goes on. I get a lot of mine from paleohacks

  4. Nadja

    Very interesting and educational post. I enjoyed reading. It was my first time reading about paleo diet – it is a natural/traditional food which our ancestors used to have centuries ago. It is definitely, healthy and effective diet. But I think it is quite difficult to maintain your diet in our busy lives. Interesting, how people manage to get required food. Are there special suppliers of paleo food?

    1. Derek

      There are suppliers of paleo foods. It should take no longer to produce paleo foods that it would others.

  5. Ben

    Hey Derek! I’ve been reading different things about the paleo diet and its benefits but never really tried (because you know, we always have bad excuses not to try something). But the more I read, the more I wanna try. Thanks for this article, I learned new things again. How long does it take to feel the change? Is it different from person to person?

    1. Derek

      Hello Ben, The length of time to feel the change varies from person to person. Some people have a lot more toxins in their body than others. This will affect how quickly you feel any change.

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