Paleo Diet For Beginners – Eat More Healthily

The paleo diet has been gaining in popularity since around 2008. Mainly due to exposure on the internet.

People are always asking what it is, so I decided to explain a little about it. Paleo diet for beginners is an informative piece to help you with your decision on the paleo lifestyle.

I hope by the end of my explanation you will be more informed by what it is and why you should follow it.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

Referred to by some as the caveman diet, the palaeolithic lifestyle is living the way our cave man ancestors used to live. At least we are following their eating habits.caveman

There appear to be many diseases around today that were not known about those thousands of years ago. Yes I know we have made great leaps in medical science, but that does not take into consideration all the changes that we have been making to our diets over the years.

If, we look at our stone age ancestors they weren’t sowing crops to be harvested in the way we do today! The fish and animals they were eating had not been contaminated by all the pollutants that are used on our food products today. The cattle, sheep pigs and any other animals were feeding on untainted grass, bush, foliage and plants in general.
Stone age man was getting exercise naturally when they were chasing round trying to kill animals to feed their family. They were eating naturally occurring foods as were the animals they were feeding on. So from that I can say without contradiction that they were eating the foods their bodies were able to cope with. Foods that our bodies are still designed to cope with, but now we are eating foods that our bodies are not always able to cope with.

So from this we can deduce that that our bodies can cope a lot more easily with naturally occurring foods, than they can with many of the processed foods we find on the market today.

Why Should We Follow The Paleo Diet?

Several of our food in tolerances can be put down to our bodies not being able to cope with different type of processed foods. Eating foods that only occur naturally are far less likely to be troublesome to our digestive system that many of the processed foods that are available.

One of the problems that arises from natural foods is they can be more expensive than those that are farmed extensively. All the pesticides that are used to increase the crop yield are not good for us. Some scientists are going as far as genetic modification of some of our cereal crops to increase the yield even more.

Because the naturally occurring foods do not give as high a yield as those treated with pesticides etc they cost more to produce. To me I would much rather pay a slightly higher price and stay healthy longer. The paleo diet for beginners will always recommend eating naturally occurring foods for a much healthier lifestyle.

The reason for following the paleo diet is mainly to improve and live a healthy lifestyle. There are many who will gain a better health regime by following a natural food diet.

Where Do I Begin?

Other than the obvious place i.e. the beginning, an ideal start would mean looking at what you are eating now and then seeing just how much of that is processed foods or includes processed foodspaleo resturant or foods that were not available thousands of years ago. Even some vegetables we think are natural turn out to have been processed along the way somewhere. Even animals being fed on animal feed rather than grass are being affected by the chemicals and processed parts of their food.

We should be looking for meat that has been allowed to rear naturally on grass. We will pay extra for this but it is well worth paying the extra to stop all the oxidants and chemicals from entering our bodies. Remember our bodies were not designed to digest foods that don’t occur naturally.

You will find the true paleoist to be extremely strict with what they can and cannot eat, while you will find some modern paleoists will relax slightly on certain foods.

Depending on which path you wish to follow, you will need to make food choices. The stricter you keep your diet the more advantageous your health will be.

Some foods are an absolute no no while there are others that go close to or cross the paleo line. All processed foods are banned, so anything man made is not acceptable in the paleo regime. Along with all grains, (these are a relatively modern invention), will come bread, pastries and the suchlike. Legumes (peas & beans) are also on the not to be eaten food list. Potatoes should not be eaten along with all dairy products.

Nut derived milks are used extensively along with coconut flour and almond flour. You may say but these are processed, but the paleoist will argue they are derived naturally by grinding as they would have been thousands of years ago, and they do not contain any of the additives that appear in so many refined products these days!

Am I really Going To Benefit?

This is one that only you can answer. Why do I say this? Only you know the type of person you are, and how dedicated you will be towards the paleo lifestyle. I will only say I know it works!slim couple

The benefits available are boundless. By stopping the eating of foods that contain additives or have been grown with the help of pesticides and man made fertilizers you will straight away stop having so many toxins from entering your body. Your digestion will improve along with your general well-being. Your body will be able to cope a lot better with the foods you are eating.

Of course exercise will always help, but I do not consider it essential when you start out. As your body adapts and accepts the foods you are eating so your energy levels will rise and you will have a natural bent towards exercising.

From personal experience I will say you are going to benefit.

Final Thoughts

The paleo or palaeolithic way of living takes us back to the way our ancestors lived but leaving us in more comfort. We don’t have to live in caves or hunt for our food. The reason I say way of living and not diet is because this is a total lifestyle change. Although it is referred to as the paleo diet it is not really a diet and more a way of life.

The foods you will be buying are sometimes a little more expensive but the advantages of having the better quality food, and as a consequence a better well-being, I think that the extra expenditure is more than worthwhile.





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  1. Coucka

    Hi Derek,
    Would you be able to give me a recipe for a typical Paleo meal, let’s say lunch?
    I am all for whole foods and herbs for healing, but some Paleo recipes would be awesome.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Derek

      Hello Coucka, there are many recipes on the internet. You could go from a simple salad with eggs or just something snacky. Everyone is different so I would need to know more about your lifestyle to be able to help you.


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