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Hello my name is Derek and I would like to welcome you to Paleo Dieting Now. I hope you find your visit rewarding and educational.my photo


I was born towards the end of WWII, in the city of Bristol England, and according to my mother heard my first bombs aged 5 days. I hated school and all it stood for so I joined the army at 15 as an apprentice boy soldier to learn a trade.

After finishing 12 years of full service (boys service is not recon able) I left the army at 30, with the trades of auto-electrician and vehicle mechanic. I worked in a garage for a couple of months before deciding it was not the type of job I wanted to do, (the work I was doing in the army was repairing vehicles and not just servicing them), so I decided to branch out and become a service engineer. As a service engineer my job was to visit public houses and clubs repairing and replacing their fruit machines, juke boxes, pool tables and other amusement equipment.

I retrained as a driving instructor in the mid 90s and then went on to be a driving examiner until I retired in 2013. Yes I was well beyond state retirement age but as I enjoyed what I was doing I stayed on for an extra 4.5 years.

I am enjoying retirement but sometimes miss the bustle of the workplace so I keep myself busy learning new things on the internet.

I enjoy cooking and sometimes help out in the kitchen of my local ex-service club


After watching my mother yo-yo dieting for many years, (as long as I can remember in fact), I thought there must be a better and more efficient way. Now I know from experience that there is someone out there who will say a particular diet will work, where there will be another person who says it doesn’t.

I hope as you go through my website you will realize why some diets work for some people and not for others. There are many explanations offered for the success or failure of diets, but I hope I can inform and help you on your way to choosing a better lifestyle!


My vision is to retrain as many people as possible into a healthier and better way of life. Anybody can fight the flab but not everyone knows the most effective ways to go about it.

All the best,
Derek Barrington


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